ND Champions Club








·         What is the ND Champions Club?
- The sole purpose of the ND Champions club is to raise scholarship and program enhancement
dollars for all 17 of UND’s Athletic teams. You’re Membership in the Champions Club helps
recruit, coach, and educate the region’s best student athletes.




·          What is the benefit of being a member?
- Benefits include but are not limited to:
- 10% off of Sioux Shop merchandise both online and in-store
- Exclusive pre-sale on single game tickets for all men’s hockey and football games
- Access to the Champions Club tailgate tent with free food at UND football games as well
as your own tailgating spot
- Free admission to UND volleyball games





·         How can I use my discount in the Sioux Shop?
- In-store, simply show a current photo ID or your current North Dakota Champions Club Membership Card at the time of purchase and your discount will be
- Online, if you do not see a discounted price already when logged in on www.siouxshop.com, you
will need to e-mail us to verify your discount at siouxshop@theralph.com . Once your account is
set up you will be able to log in and take advantage of your 10% off online anywhere you go!




·         How do I sign up to be a member?
- It’s as simple as going to UND Alumni website or if you have any questions contact Val Sussex, Director. 




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Supporting UND Athletics

The Sioux Shop’s profits are reinvested back into the athletics enterprise to help support the development of UND’s Athletic programs and student-athletes.