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1. What is Authentics?

Authentics is a shop operated by the Ralph Engelstad Arena Sioux Shop located on the southeast corner of the main concourse. Authentics specializes in customizing replica jerseys with a name and number as well as selling team apparel and novelty items during events.

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2. What can I customize at Authentics?

Authentics will customize adult and youth replica jerseys in both the UND style and the Sioux style. You may also customize select Sioux Shop hoods and jackets.

3. Will the jersey look the same as the team jerseys?

Yes, the applique letters and numbers are ordered from the same supplier that builds the team jerseys; so it will match the on-ice jerseys in font, color layout, and even twill weight.

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4. Can I customize an authentic hockey jersey?

Yes, we will customize your authentic jersey for you; however it is our policy to send all authentic jerseys to the same supplier that the UND men’s hockey team uses. This process will take up to 6 weeks and requires a mandatory shipping/handling fee.

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5. Can I put any name and number on the jersey?

In compliance with NCAA regulations we are not able to put current student athletes’ name and number on a jersey for you. We can apply a past players name and number or a custom name and number for you. We reserve the right to refuse improper name and number requests at any time.

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6. How long does it take to get my jersey customized?

We will process orders in a “first come first served” fashion. If you order a jersey at an event where Authentics is open, we will do our very best to deliver your finished jersey to your seat. We also offer the option of in-store pick-up or having it shipped to you. If you order a jersey during a day when Authentics is not open, we will arrange for in-store pick-up at the time the order is placed.

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7. What about payment? When do I pay and how much does it cost?

Payment is made at the time the order is placed. Depending on the jersey and the choice of customization you choose the price will vary, for more information visit with a Sioux Shop Associate.

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8. How many letters can we put in a name?

This will vary with the name; 10 is a good threshold but if the name has a significant amount of the letter “I” this may increase the amount of letters. If there is a large number bigger letters such as “H, M” the amount will decrease. For more information please visit with a Sioux Shop Associate.There is an additional customization fee per letter if you choose to use more than 10 letters.

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9. Can I get a pre-owned jersey customized?

Yes we will customize your pre-owned jersey for you. Any jersey we customize at Authentics will be made with the current on-ice font and colors. Authentics also reserves the right to refuse any order if we feel we cannot customize your jersey for any reason.

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Supporting UND Athletics

The Sioux Shop’s profits are reinvested back into the athletics enterprise to help support the development of UND’s Athletic programs and student-athletes.